BCI announces new Cult DVD wing!!

Our good friends at BCI have just announced the formation of a new label in their corporation, dedicated to bringing you the very best in Cult, Sci-Fi and Horror DVD… They’ve already launched with great titles like the double feature disc NIGHT OF THE BLOODY APES / CURSE OF THE DOLL PEOPLE and the legendary 70’s Sci-Fi flick GALAXINA.Check out the following press release for details on their upcoming roster! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEAugust 29, 2006NAVARRE CORPORATION’S BCI ANNOUNCES THE DEIMOS BRAND OF DVD TITLESNew Unit To Be Devoted To Classic Horror, Cult and Sci-Fi ReleasesLos Angeles, CA – As illustrated by its recent “Crypt of Terror” collection, BCI, a wholly owned subsidiary of Navarre Corporation, is putting its marketing and distribution muscle behind a dedicated line of genre-specific titles. This direction has led to the announcement of the Deimos Brand, which will focus on classic horror, cult and sci-fi DVD releases. The announcement was made today by Cliff MacMillan, Director of Acquisitions, BCI.“With the tremendous success over the past several years of cult—specifically horror—films at the box office, there is no question that this genre has a dedicated fan base looking to satiate itself with as much product that is available,” said MacMillan. “The Deimos Brand has been created to meet the needs of this very important consumer demographic.”The Deimos Brand will feature the following new lines of product, many that will include such special features as audio commentaries, deleted scenes, trailers, TV spots, interviews and DVD-ROM features:· Horror—Crypt of Terror and The Spanish Horror Collection· Sci-Fi—“Galaxina”· Cult—titles such as “Don’t Answer the Phone” and The Starlite Drive-In Theater seriesThe initial titles already released under the Deimos Brand include “Galaxina” and the Crypt of Terror double features “Night of the Bloody Apes/Curse of the Doll People” and “Cemetery of Terror/Grave Robbers.”Upcoming titles include:CRYPT OF TERROR COLLECTIONLand of the Minotaur—Tourists visiting a Greek Archaeological site are abducted by a strange cult, intent on sacrificing them to their God, the Minotaur. Starring horror legends Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasence. Terror—When filmmaker James Garrick holds a screening party for a movie about the violent deaths of his real-life ancestors, party guests suddenly start meeting their own untimely deaths. Could the curse of one of Garrick’s deceased relatives be seeking vengeance centuries later?Brain Twister—A college student uncovers a demented study, as her science professor is conducting experiments on the human brain. As the professor’s tests intensify, his subjects take on Jekyll/Hyde personalities, experiencing seizures, signs of madness and hallucinations, leading to a rash of campus-wide homicides and suicides.Prime Evil—A sect of monks has taken up shop in New York City, having achieved immortality through a pact with the devil. Bringing with them a ritual of sacrificing blood relations at 13 year intervals, the monks set off a series of bizarre deaths and disappearances, leading to a city-wide investigation.Don’t Panic—After Michael receives a Ouija board as a gift from his friend Tony, the two boys unknowingly unlock an evil force that leads to a wave of violent deaths around town. Is Michael the killer, and is he possessed by the Ouija spirit?The Demon Rat—In a futuristic society, environmental pollution has taken over the world, and toxic chemicals have produced a rash of monstrously mutated animals and insects. Embryo—While performing experiments on the human fetus, Dr. Paul Holliston (Rock Hudson) discovers a way to accelerate the fetus into an adult in four and a half weeks. But things suddenly get out of hand when the fetus-turned-adult becomes a homicidal killer.Lord Shango—In a bizarre case of body-shifting spirits, a young girl watches as the spirit of her dead lover enters the body of her mother’s boyfriend. Once the girl becomes pregnant, things spin out of control, as the townsfolk begin to wonder of the child is of a higher power.SPANISH HORROR COLLECTIONNight of the Werewolf—Filmed in the real castles of Spain, “Night of the Werewolf” represents one of the most impressive works of renowned Spanish Horror master Paul Naschy. Filled with werewolf transformations, seductive vampire women, bloody stakes and piercing silver daggers, the film remains one of the crowning glories of international horror cinema.Vengeance of the Zombies—Paul Naschy stars is triple-threat performances as a Hindu mystic, his evil brother, and the Devil himself. Zombies, satanic voodoo rituals and gruesome killings head a bizarre ride in true “Euro-cult” tradition.STARLITE DRIVE-IN THEATREThe Madmen of Mandoras (aka They Saved Hitler’s Brain)—After giving a speech about the deadliest gas nerve ever developed, Dr. John Coleman mysteriously vanishes. He is believed to be on the island of Mandoras, where years earlier, a group of fanatics from Nazi Germany carried out a secret experiment to give eternal life to the brain of Adolph Hitler.The Devil’s Hand—Rick Turner experiences a bizarre case of ménages a trois when the beautiful woman that haunts his dreams mysteriously appears in the face of a doll at the local shop. When Rick then notices that another doll strangely looks exactly like his fiancé, he finds himself caught in the throws of a satanic cult.

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