X-Men The Last Stand in Oct

Hey Bub! You’d best be ready to pick up the most muntant-rific film of the year on DVD in Q4.That’s right mutant lovers, or haters, you’ll be able to snag X-Men: The Last Stand, this years second highest grossing film, in two edition.Want to know more? Read on!**UPDATE – Hi Res Artwork Added** According to DVDActive and Home Media Retailing we’ll see our genetically different friends on DVD October 3rd with three different flavours available.A single-disc edition will be available with Anamorphic Widescreen and Dolby Digital 5.1. It’ll sport a director & producer commentary, 10 deleted scenes, three alternate endings with optional commentary from Ratner, theatrical trailers and pair of Easter Eggs (Beast reciting Shakespeare and the X-Jet landing in Washington, D.C.).Now I bet you’re wondering what the Collector’s Edition will have. Well, it’ll have all the same bonus material, but it’ll also have an all-new 100-page comic penned by the master himself – Stan Lee.What’s the third flavour? Well, for those of you who’ve been holding off buying the first two films you can now get all 3 X-Men films in one handy dandy boxset.Cover Art –(Click to Enlarge)

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