Chronicles of Narnia Extended Edition On The Way

The Chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch & The Waredrobe will be making another appearance on DVD this Christmas season in an all-new extended edition 4-disc set.Read on for more visitors of Narnia. Some early details have emerged over at Home Media Retailing and DVD Active regarding the four-disc extended edition of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Waredrobe.What we know right now is that you will be able to purchase just the 4-disc set ($42.99 MSRP) or a fancy dancy giftset with bookends from WETA, ala LOTR Collector’s Edition, ($79.99 MSRP). Also, be forewarned that both sets will only be available for seven weeks.What will we get if we upgrade from our current 2-disc set? Well, you will get enhanced special effects and an extended version of the climactic battle scene. The bonus material will include feature entitled “Visualizing The Lion, The Witch and The Waredrobe: The Complete Production Experience”, which is a more in-depth look at the process of bringing the novel to life for the big screen. Narnia Fun Facts will aslo be in the set, as well as, behind-the-scenes, and making-of features (most likely the same stuff that was on the two disc).When does the disc bow? Circle your calendar for December 12th. Check out the artwork below…

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