Star Wars Artwork!

Howdy folks!I hope the force is with you ’cause we have the package artwork for the upcoming releases of all the original Star Wars movies. Just to be clear in case you missed it, they are being released INDIVIDUALLY – which means NO BOX SET.for the artwork, make the kessel run in less then a parsec…**UPDATE – Originals are NOT 16×9** Alrighty, here is the artwork. Expect the individual releases to retail for about $19.99 each. That’s right $60 bones, $10 MORE then the set you likely already have that’s full of some interesting bonus material.Personally, this is likely the end. No more Star Wars purchases on video for me. I’ll have a digital widescreen copy of the originals in addition to the SE’s I already have and that’s all that I want. But then again, that’s what many people said about VHS right?Be sure to check out the specs here!**UPDATE**Well, it would seem that lord flannel strikes again. I thought having Dolby Digital 2.0 sound was fishy. It seems that the originals are NOT 16×9 enhanced and are simply the laserdisc transfers from many years ago. Yes, the very same transfers that can be bought in a pirated version on Ebay for $10. Way to go Lucas. You just lost my business.! At least I have $60 to spend somewhere else now.Cover Art –(Click to slightly enlarge)

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