V For Vendetta from Warner

…Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose so let me simply add that it’s my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.“I would try and write something clever, but I don’t know enough V words to announce the upcoming release of V For Vendetta on DVD from Warner Home Video.**Update – Bonus material added**Read on to see what we have inside. All we know right now is there will be two seperate releases for V, which stars Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving. A single disc edition and a 2-disc special edition.They will each feature 2.40:1 Anamorphic Video, as well as Dolby Digital 5.1 audio tracks. Remember Remember the 1st of… August… because that’s when the DVD will be available.*updateDisc 1:Freedom! Forever!: Making V for Vendetta – The cast and crew of V for Vendetta reveal the intense filmmaking process Disc 2:Designing the Near Future – A look at the artistic process of creating the frightening future world of V Remember, Remember: Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot – The history behind the story of Guy Fawkes England Prevails: V for Vendetta and the New Wave in Comics – The origins of the original V story is illuminated Cat Power Montage – Cat Power song played under images of the film Theatrical TrailerEaster Egg: Saturday Night Live Digital Short – YES! YES! YES!Oh ya, and we have the cover art for both editions.

Source: DVDActive.com

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