Welcome to D-Qwon’s dance grooves, are you ready to get your groove on?YES! I just heard about this flippin’ sweet dance contest, specifically for incredible Dance champions with unbelievable dance moves, and Ninjas, trained by the government…THE NAPOLEON DYNAMITE DANCE OFF CHALLENGE at vMix!!! On behalf of vMix, it’s my pleasure to present The Napoleon Dynamite Dance Off Challenge! vMix, a venue for the simple and free submission of creative videos, is running this contest in conjunction with Fox Home Entertainment to promote the DVD release of Napoleon Dynamite: Like The Best Special Edition Ever! To enter, go to the official contest page, which can be found at here. Visitors to the site can also rate the hilarious submissions made by other vMix members. Prizes for the contest include the Napoleon Dynamite Special Edition DVD, a”Vote for Pedro” t-shirt, a 30 GB video iPod, and a new DVD player. Think you have what it takes to beat Napoleon Dynamite?check out vMix – the coolest new viral video site, where you watch great videos and submit your own creations for everyone to see!

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