Girls Next Door in August

Two things are inevitable when living in the great white north. Ultra-High taxes and awful TV. Instead of E! Entertainment, us Canuks have to put up with Canadian rip-off channel Star!, so sadly I’ve never seen this fantastic show about life living at the Playboy Mansion.No matter though – coming in August from Fox Home Video, Girls Next Door – Season 1 will drop on DVD.Read ahead for the details…

Strutting into stores on August 8th, Girls Next Door – Season 1 will make it’s DVD debut in a 3-disc set for a reasonable $29.98Specs –

  • Fullscreen 1.33:1
  • Dolby Digital 2.0Disc 1:*Meet the Girls*New Girls in Town*Happy Birthday, Kendra!*What Happens in Vegas*Fight Night*Operation Playmate*Just Shoot Me*Commentary with Holly, Bridget & Kendra*Deleted Scenes*PromosDisc 2:*Mid Summer Night’s Dream*Under the Covers*Ghostbusted*Grape Expectations*I’ll Take Manhattan*My Kind of Town*Clueless*Commentary with Holly, Bridget & Kendra*Deleted Scenes*PromosDisc 3:*It’s Vegas Baby*All About The Girls*Commentary with Holly, Bridget & Kendra*Unaired Pilot Presentation-Hef’s World*Deleted Scenes*Personality Tests*Photo Gallery

Cover Art –(click to enlarge)

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