CENA ’06 Nominees Announced

It’s that time of year again when the Canadian entertainment industry comes together to honour the best DVD releases of yester-year.If you’ve been floating around the site the last couple of years I’ve attended this event and the third annual Canadian Entertainment Network Awards ’06 are shaping up to be the best year yet.Read on for more… This year’s special guest presenters are none other than the dynamic reality TV duo of Kenny vs Spenny. A host for this year’s festivities is yet to be announced, but with all new exciting format it’s sure to be one heck of an event. We’ll be reporting shorlty after the event concludes for the evening, or after the after party!!This years nominees include:CEN READERS’ CHOICE AWARDCinderella Man (Universal Studios)Crash (Maple Pictures)Sin City: Recut – Extended (Alliance Atlantis)Star Wars: Episode 3 Revenge Of The Sith (Fox Home Ent.)Wizard of Oz: Collector’s Edition (Warner Home Video) VIDEOSCAN BEST SELLING DVD OF THE YEARThe Incredibles (Buena Vista Home Ent.)Madagascar (Dreamworks/Universal Studios)Polar Express (Warner Home Video)Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Fox Home Ent.)Shark Tale (Universal Studios) BEST MOVIE RELEASE DVD(RELEASED BY A MAJOR STUDIO)Cinderella Man (Universal Studios)Ray (Universal Studios)Sin City (Alliance Atlantis)Star Wars: Episode 3 Revenge Of The Sith (Fox Home Ent.)The Note Book (Alliance Atlantis) BEST MOVIE RELEASE DVD(RELEASED BY AN INDEPENDENT STUDIO)Crash (Maple Pictures)Dig! (Morningstar Ent.)Ong Bak (Alliance Atlantis)Stander (Alliance Atlantis)The Corporation: Special Edition (Mongrel Media) BEST CANADIAN DVD – ENGLISHCorner Gas: Season 2 (Video Service Corp.)It’s All Gone Pete Tong (Alliance Atlantis)Saint Ralph (Alliance Atlantis)The Corporation: Special Edition (Mongrel Media)Trailer Park Boys: The Complete Fourth Season (Alliance Atlantis) BEST CANADIAN DVD – FRENCHAurore (Alliance Atlantis)Camping Sauvage (Alliance Atlantis)Horloge Biologique (Alliance Atlantis)Idole Instantanée (Warner Home Video)Ma Vie En Cinemascope (Alliance Atlantis)BEST TV ON DVDBattlestar Galactica: Season 1 (Universal Studios)Chappelle’s Show Season 2 Uncensored (Paramount Home Ent.)Gilmour Girls: The Complete Fifth Season (Warner Home Video)Lost: The Complete First Season (Buena Vista Home Ent.)Seinfeld: Season 5 (Sony Pictures Home Ent.)BEST BOX SET RELEASE DVDAlfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Universal Studios)James Dean: The Complete James Dean Collection (Warner Home Video)Monty Python Box Set (Sony Pictures Home Ent.)UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship: As Real As It Gets: The Ultimate DVD Collection (Ventura Ent.)Wrestlemania: The Complete Anthology (1985-2005) (WWE/Koch Vision) BEST SPECIAL EDITION DVDEvil Dead 2: The Book of the Dead 2 (Anchor Bay Ent.)Ray: Limited Edition (Universal Studios)Saw: Uncut Edition (Maple Pictures)The Sound of Music: 40th Anniversary Edition (Fox Home Ent.)Wizard of Oz: Collector’s Edition (Warner Home Video)BEST DVD REISSUE OF THE YEARRan (Paradox Ent.)Sin City: Re-Cut – Extended (Alliance Atlantis)The Big Lebowski: Collector’s Edition (Universal Studios)To Kill A Mockingbird: Legacy Series (Universal Studios)Wizard of Oz: Collector’s Edition (Warner Home Video) BEST CANADIAN MUSIC DVDK-OS: Publicity Stunt (Vir/EMI)Rush: R30 30th Anniversary World Tour (Universal Music)The Jeff Healey Band: Live at Montreux 1999 (Eagle Vision Ent.)Tragically Hip: That Night in Toronto (Universal Music)Various Artists: Live 8 Toronto (EMI)BEST INTERNATIONAL MUSIC DVDBob Dylan: No Direction Home (Paramount Home Ent.)Eagles: Farewell Tour – Live From Melbourne (Warner Music)Johnny Cash: Live From Austin Texas (Red Distribution/Sony BMG)U2: Vertigo 2005 – Live From Chicago (Universal Music)Various Artists: Live 8: July 2nd, 2005 (EMI)BEST DVD PREMIEREAmerican Pie Presents Band Camp (Universal Studios)Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (Fox Home Ent.)Something The Lord Made (HBO/Warner Home Video)The Girl in the Café (HBO/Warner Home Video)Warm Springs (Warner Home Video) BEST ANIME DVDAkira Kurosawa’s Samurai 7 (2450 Visual Ent.)Astroboy: The Collection (Anchor Bay Ent.)Appleseed: Limited Edition (Geneon/Paradox Ent.)Inu Yasha – Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler (Ventura Ent.)Steamboy (Sony Pictures Home Ent.) BEST CHILDREN’S/FAMILY DVDCharlie and the Chocolate Factory (Warner Home Video)Madagascar (Dreamworks/Universal Studios)March of the Penquins (Maple Pictures)The Incredibles (Buena Vista Home Ent.)The Polar Express (Warner Home Video)BEST NON-THEATRICAL (2-5 YEARS OF AGE) CHILDREN’S DVDDora the Explorer: It’s a Party (Nickelodeon/Paramount Home Ent.)Land Before Time: Invasion of the Tinysauruses (Universal Studios)Mighty Machines: Vol. 8 (Warner Home Video)Mr. Rogers Neighborhood: Adventures in Friendship (Anchor Bay Ent.)Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie (Buena Vista Home Ent.)BEST TRADITIONAL SPORTS DVDCanada Cup 1976 (Video Service Corp.)Fifa Fever (Morningstar Ent.)Really Bend It Like Beckham – David Beckham’s Official Soccer Skills (Koch Vision)Making the Cut: Season 1 (Kaboom! Ent.)The SuperFight: Marciano Vs. Ali (Morningstar Ent.) BEST SPORTS ACTION DVDBret “Hitman” Hart – The Best There Is. The Best There Was. The Best There Ever Will Be (WWE/Koch Vision)Nascar 3D: The Imax Experience (Warner Home Video)The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior (WWE/Koch Vision)UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship – As Real As It Gets: The Ultimate DVD Collection (Ventura Ent.)Wrestlemania: The Complete Anthology (1985-2005) (WWE/Koch Vision)BEST SPECIAL INTEREST DVDBefore They Were Kings: Vol. 1 (2450 Visual Ent.)Faux Fire: The Virtual Fireplace (2450 Virtual Ent.)John Cleese: Wine For The Confused (Koch Vision)Martha’s Holidays 2005 (Warner Home Video)The Complete Dennis Leary (2450 Visual Ent.)BEST FITNESS/HEALTH DVDBilly’s Boot Camp (Koch Vision)Carmen Electra’s: The Lap Dance and Hip Hop (Paramount Home Ent.)Pilates for Life: Overall Body Workout (2450 Visual Ent.)Rodney Yee: Yoga Burn (Koch Vision)Stott Pilates – The Secret To Weight Loss Volume 1 (Stott/Paradox Ent.)BEST DOCUMENTARY DVDBob Dylan: No Direction Home (Paramount Home Ent.)Born Into Brothels (Think Film)March Of The Penquins (Maple Pictures)Murderball (Think Film)Wal-Mart: The High Cost Of Low Price (Disinformation/Koch Vision)BEST EDUCATIONAL DVDBaby Einstein: Baby Monet (Buena Vista Home Ent.)BBC History of World War II (Warner Home Video)Cousteau: Pacific Exploration (Warner Home Video)Leap Frog: Math Circus Video (Warner Home Video)The Liberation of Holland (Morningstar Ent.) BEST MENU DESIGN/AUTHORINGBatman Begins (Warner Home Video)Cinderella Man (Universal Studios)Lemony Snicket’s: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Paramount Home Ent.)Madagascar (Dreamworks/Universal Studios)Sin City (Alliance Atlantis) BEST PICTURE TRANSFERBatman Begins (Warner Home Video)Ben Hur: Collector’s Edition (Warner Home Video)King Kong: Special Edition (Warner Home Video)Sin City: Recut – Extended (Alliance Atlantis)Wizard of Oz: Collector’s Edition (Warner Home Video) BEST SOUND/AUDIO PRESENTATIONBatman Begins (Warner Home Video)Ray (Universal Studios)The Polar Express (Universal Studios)The Sound of Music: 40th Anniversary Edition (Fox Home Ent.)War Of The Worlds (Dreamworks/Universal Studios) BEST RESTORATIONA Christmas Carol: Emerald Edition (Morningstar Ent.)Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection (Universal Studios)King Kong: Special Edition (Warner Home Video)To Kill A Mockingbird: Legacy Series (Universal Studios)Wizard of Oz: Collector’s Edition (Warner Home Video) BEST CANADIAN RETAILERArchambaultBay St. Video – Toronto, ONCD PlusMusic WorldRogers VideoBEST CANADIAN WEB RETAILER/RENTAILERwww.absound.cawww.archambault.cawww.cdplus.comwww.rogersvideo.cawww.samtherecordman.com BEST RENTAL RETAILER (CHAIN)BlockbusterJumbo VideoLe Superclub VideotronMovie ExpertsRogers VideoBEST RENTAL RETAILER (INDEPENDENT)Bay St. Video – Toronto, ONBoite Noire – Montreal, PQClassic Video – Kingston, ONQueen Video – Toronto, ONVideomatica – Vancouver, BC BEST RETAILER SELL-THROUGH (CHAIN)ArchambaultBest Buy/Future ShopCD PlusCinema OneHMVBEST RETAILER SELL-THROUGH (INDEPENDENT)Bay St. Video – Toronto, ONMetro Video – Montreal, PQSam The Record Man – Toronto, ONStarstruck – ONVideomatica – Vancouver, BC The winners in each category will be announced during the third annual Canadian Entertainment Network Awards gala at the Carlu Grand Ballroom in Toronto on Tuesday April 25, 2006.Discuss it in the forums.

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