DVD NEW RELEASE DAY…And I have just three things to say.#1 – THE AVENGERS: COMPLETE EMMA PEEL MEGA-SET#2 – Special Editions of DOG DAY AFTERNOON and NETWORK#3 – WALK THE LINE: COLLECTORS EDITION Now, I’d like to remind you all that we’re recording live, so you can’t say “hell” or “sh*!” or anything like that! 21 Eyes America’s Toughest Sheriff The Avengers: Complete Emma Peel Mega-Set Axe Beast Machines Transformers: The Complete Series The Beverly Hillbillies: Ultimate Collection Vol. 2 Bleak House (2005): The Complete First Season Boys Be… #1: Spring C.O.P.S.: The Animated Series Carlos the Terrorist The Challenge On The Coast The Champions of Wildlife Charmed: The Complete Fourth Season Code 7 Combat: Best of Hanley Combat: Best of Saunders Comedy Central Presents: Southern Gents of Comedy Congo: White King, Red Rubber, Black Death Cowboy Bebop Remix: 5 Death Tunnel Dog Day Afternoon: Special Edition Dog Eat Dog The Dress The Elaine Petrone Method Ellen: The Complete 3rd Season The Empty Star Falling Fear of Clowns Fuccons, The: Oh Mikey! Gene Autry: Rancho Grande Gene Autry: Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride Gilgamesh: As Truth Breaks Like Glass Going By The Hidden One Hijacked The Hobart Shakespereans House Party: The Very Best of Art Linkletter’s Kids Say The Darndest Things Vol. 2 I Love You Like Crazy Cakes… and More Stories About Families The Ice Harvest Island of Lost Souls (1974) The Best of IWA Wrestling: Vol. 2 J. Edgar Hoover & The Great American Inquisition Joshua Keep Your Distance Kind Hearts and Coronets: The Criterion CollectionLa Perdicion De Los Hombres Lady and the Tramp Laughing in the Wind: Volume 2 Life & Times of Frida Kahlo Little Tony The Lords of Discipline The Losers Luciano Ercoli’s Death Box Set The Master Key Melody of Oblivion: Refrain Vol. 5 Misaki Chronicles: Revelations Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Chapter 5 Monty Python: Graham Chapman’s Personal Best Monty Python: John Cleese’s Personal Best Monty Python: Terry Gilliam’s Personal Best Monty Python: Terry Jones’ Personal Best The Murder of JFK: A Revisionist History Network: Special Edition Newsradio: The Complete Third Season The Newsroom: Complete Second Series NFL’s Super Bowl XL Old School Soul Party Live Other Voices Other Rooms Peep TV Show Pride & Prejudice (2005) The Real Ghostbusters: Vol. 1 – Catch Me If You Can The Real Ghostbusters: Vol. 2 – Booware of Evil The Real Ghostbusters: Vol. 3 – Slimefighters Redd Foxx: HBO On Location The Rivers Rosemary and Thyme: Series Two Rumpole of the Bailey: The Complete Series Megaset Saiyuki Reload Vol. 7 Saturday Scum Seamless Shapes of the Invisible Soldiers of Change Son of Samson / Son of Cleopatra Streets of Chaos Three…Extremes Tim Tyler’s Luck Tokyo Psycho Trilogy of Addiction The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till The Valley of the Bees Vanilla Series: Rxxx Prescription for Pain Visions of France Visitation Walk the Line: Collector’s Edition Weird U.S. Vol. 1 Weird U.S. Vol. 2 Weird U.S. Vol. 3 Werckmeister Harmonies Werewolves on Wheels The WetlandsWhere the Truth Lies The White Horse Is Dead Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)

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