Memoirs of a Geisha in March!

Although I missed this one in theaters, it looked like the kind of movie that I would likely have enjoyed. A drama set against a WWII backdrop filled with beautiful women. What more could you ask for?Sony Home Entertainment has finally let us know that Memoirs of a Geisha is heading home on DVD in 2-disc special edition. I’ll be sure to catch it.Read ahead for more…**UPDATE – Cover art added**

Dropping into stores on March 28th with an SRP of $28.96, Memoirs of a Geisha will hit DVD in a 2-disc set of separate Widescreen or Foolscreen editions.Specs –

  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Audio Commentary by Director Rob Marshall and Choreographer John DeLuca
  • Crew Audio Commentary by Colleen Atwood, John Myhre, Pietro Scalia
  • Sayuri’s Other Journey: From the Novel to the Screen
  • The Road to Japan – location featurette
  • Geisha Bootcamp
  • Building the Hanamachi
  • The Look of a Geisha
  • The Music of Memoirs
  • A Geisha Dance
  • The World of Geisha
  • The Way of the Sumo
  • Rob Marshall – profile featurette
  • A Day with Chef Nobu Matsuhisa

Cover Art –(click to enlarge)

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