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Welcome! It’s the first edition of the new EyeCraveTVonDVD column, a weekly feature to wrap up the news, rumors, gossip, changes, release dates, and more on your favorite television show DVD releases. Read on for all the crave-ables you need for the week! Television shows on DVD are dominating the market these days. One look at the release calendar and you will see – every Tuesday there are at least a handful of season set releases of shows from the last fifty years. Studios are scrambling to put together sets that please fans, and fans are scrambling to find their favorite shows, be they popular or obscure in an edition worth owning.Now let’s get on with the crave-ables. Last week were the Golden Globes awards, and with the television categories came some winners we can expect to see on DVD soon. Showtime’s dramedy Weeds took the award for best actress (star Mary Louise-Parker had that honor up against all three actresses from Desperate Housewives) and had an impressive nomination in the best musical or comedy series category (but ironically lost out to Desperate Housewives). Showtime included a trailer for the Weeds DVDs on its recent Reefer Madness musical release, with a late Spring / early Summer release date anticipated. No word yet on special features or extras.Speaking of Showtime series, Queer as Folk was unofficially delayed. After its fifth and final season soundtrack released boasted a January 10th release date that came and went, avid fans found some merchant sites listing a new date of May 19th. No word on those features either and whether the set will reflect the new Queer as Folk reduced prices or not.The other subscriber network also has the rumor mill working overtime. HBO’s swiftly cancelled, cult favorite The Comeback is getting a summer release. Creator Dan Bucatinsky has cited a lot of effort being put into extras, and hopefully these all make the release a nice set for the fans who lost a favorite. The long awaited Carnivale, also a cult favorite cut short after two seasons, has been off the air for almost a year now with no DVD word. Rumor has it this may finally see the light of day in July. The gossip is that HBO offered the creators a chance to do some mini series to wrap it up, but since the story was intended as a seven year arc, they may move onto the comic book format to continue to tales. And yet another HBO delay, Oz’s sixth and final season, which was due in September 2005, had rumors of a February release. With no announcement yet this seems unlikely, and could push back to March or April considering HBO’s silence on this title. HBO’s delays are ever increasing, and creator Tom Fontana has noted that he has no say or word on the release of the final season. And finally, fan favorite Deadwood’s second season was also due in February, but with no announcement seems to be MIA. With the third season planned for a June start, expect the DVDs around May or June to coincide with that.HBO is keeping their shelves hot though with February’s Sex and the City re-releases. There are four “Essential Volumes” planned for release February 7th, with each expected to contain three episodes relating to a theme. The four volumes planned are Lust, Breakups, Romance, and of course, Mr. Big.Some news this week revealed some long awaited releases. Dawson’s Creek sixth and final season is on its way with a April 4th street date. Extras reportedly include a scrapbook feature made just for fans and creator commentary on the series finale. Another sixth season release comes in May, with The West Wing set release just in time for the series finale. This set will tentatively include a featurette on the character C.J. Cregg, alongwith a conversation with the recently deceased John Spencer, and creator and cast commentaries on three episodes.Tune in to EyeCraveTVonDVD next week for a wrap up of the upcoming 80s show releases, rumors, and scoop, and the latest crave-ables!Television shows that released this week include:1-800-Missing: Season TwoAllo ‘Allo: The Complete Series FourDallas: The Complete Fourth SeasonMy Little Pony and Friends: Two Great Pony TalesSaturday Night Live: The Best of Alec BaldwinSaturday Night Live: The Best of David SpadeThe Time Tunnel: Volume One

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