What’s Happening?

Hey all, Shane here. I’ve been receiving some emails from people asking why things have been slower on the site at the moment. In reality, it’s been that way for about a year. Read on and I’ll tell you what plagued us and what we’re doing to fix it for good….
First off, my apoligies…To make a long story short, EyeCraveDVD.com doesn’t generate hand over fist in revenue. Well, over a year and a half ago I lost my main source of employment (the one that pays the bills). I found another job quickly, but took a large cut in pay.I couldn’t afford to ship out the screeners to my reviewers anymore and as a result, most of them left. A few of them, (you know who you are) stayed onboard to stick out the tough times. For that I’m all grateful.However, things are now in a MUCH better state. We’ve brought on some new reviewers, top end talent that I know you’ll enjoy reading and who have been great for helping get the site back on track.Things are going to shift into overdrive and get back on track just as soon as we launch the completely renovated, polished and shined EyeCraveDVD.com in the next couple of weeks. It’s going to change the way you view EyeCraveDVD.com FOREVER!Thank you for your continued support and loyalty.All my best for all of us in 2006,Shane

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