Media Whores Abounds!

A vile, ugly and wholly unacceptable scourge continues to crawl across the face of entertainment journalism, rearing its feces-dripping inflated head and spewing criminally misleading propaganda and outright fallacy on the masses.What the hell am I talking about?The foul beast known in certain circles as Media Whoring. The always vigilant folks over at HOLLYWOOD B*TCHSLAP have posted an article featuring some seriously spirit-crushing proof of how manufactured and thoughtless some of the most recognizable “names” in Entertainment “Journalism” really are. This story of studio payola and sell-out hack “reviewers” is not for the faint of heart, but click me up down below to check out the real deal… Click here for the HSBC article and my personal take on this whole fiasco (18+ ONLY!)FORUMSFIGHT THE POWER!!!

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