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It’s that time of year again.No, not Christmas and the rest of the holidays. It’s time for new editions of movies already on DVD of course. This time we have info on new Special Editions of family fare like Ice Age, the animated Anastasia and for the adults a little bit of Midnight Cowboy.Yeeeeeeee Hawwwwwww!To sneak a look,get pre-historic and stomp ahead…

**UPDATE – Cover Art Added**

To begin, dropping into stores on March 14th 2006, Fox Home Entertainment will release Ice Age: Super Cool Edition as a new 2-disc set with an SRP pf $19.98, just in time to promote Ice Age 2.Specs –Disc 1:

  • Both Anamorphic Widescreen & Foolscreen
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • PS & WS Feature
  • Commentary by Director Chris Wedge & Co-Director Carlos Saldanha
      Deleted Scenes:w/ Director Chris Wedge & Co-Director Carlos Saldanha Commentary

    • “Paying Toll” w/aardvarks
    • Sylvia & Sid Introduction
    • Sabre Stake Out
    • No more Fruit for You
    • Sid and the Ladies
    • Sid and Sylvia

    Disc 2:

  • Ice Age 2 Sneak Peek
  • Extreme Cool View
  • Gone Nutty – Scrat’s Missing Adventure
  • Sid on Sid w/silhouette on scenes
  • Scrat Reveals: Mt. Rushmore, Push, Block
      Animation Progression:

    • Opening
    • Tigers Attack
    • Almost Home/Lava
  • International Ice Age
  • “Bunny” Short intro
  • “Bunny” Short w/optional comm.The Making of Ice Age:
    • The Beginning
    • Acting In Animation
    • Creating the Ice Age Characters
    • Modeling
    • Storyboards
    • Animating Ice Age
    • The Finishing Touches
  • Behind The Scenes of Ice Age (HBO Special)
  • Making a character
  • Art of Rigging
  • Animators acting
  • Art of Effects
  • Lighting and materials
  • Using 2D in a 3D world
  • Sid voice development
  • Teaser Trailer A
  • Trailer B
  • Trailer C
  • “Like Mike 2” Trailer
  • Family Fun Trailer
  • Cheaper By The Dozen SE Trailer
  • Build Your Own Design Gallery
  • Size Comparison/Science Behind Ice Age Gallery
  • Set Top Games (total of 6):
  • New Game (Name TBD)
  • Cave In
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors
  • Hide and Eek
  • Frozen Pairs
  • Playing DarwinROM content –
    • DVD ROM Games (total of 2):
    • Super Dodo Ball
    • Sid Shreds
    • DVD ROM Printables (total of 6):
    • Snowflake Flurry (Ornaments)
    • Ice Digest (Magazine)
    • 12 Month Migration Calendar
    • Hanging with the Herd Mobile
    • Sub-Zero Heroes Adventure Board game
    • Icebox Theater

    Cover Art –(Click to enlarge)

    —————————————————Also hitting stores on March 14th 2006 from Fox Home Entertainment, Anastasia: Family Fun Edition will retail for $19.98 SRP and also come as a 2-disc set.Specs –Disc 1:

  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Director/Producer Commentary by Don Bluth and Gary Goldman
  • Interactive Feature: Learn to Draw Anastasia “Anya”
  • Interactive Feature: Learn to Draw Dimitri
  • Interactive Feature: Learn to Draw Rasputin
  • Interactive Feature: Learn to Draw Bartok
  • Anastasia Music Box FavoritesDisc 2:
  • Bartok the Magnificent (Full Screen)
  • The Making of Anastasia: Creating the Story, Defining Characters, Creating of Animation, & Music in the Air
  • Sing Along: Once Upon a December
  • Sing Along: Learn to Do It
  • Interactive Feature Learn to Sing it in a Different Language: Once Upon a December
  • Set Top Games
  • Explore the Palace (3D Walk Through)
  • Becoming a Princess (Interactive Paper Doll)
  • Putting Rasputin Back Together Again (timed puzzle game)
  • Ink and Paint to Help Anya Remember her Past (Interactive coloring book)
  • Aaliyah: Journery to the Past music video/Making ofCover Art –(Click to enlarge)
    —————————————————Finally, a little something for the adults. We have it on good authority that Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is re-releasing Midnight Cowboy as a Collector’s Edition on February 21st 2006. It should retail for around $29.95 and will contain two shiny new DVD discs.Partial Specs –
  • Anamorphic Widescreen
  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Digitally Remastered
  • Tribute to John Schlesinger
  • New Interviews with Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman
  • Collector’s BookletThat’s it for the details right now. Expect more detailed specs soon. For now, enjoy the cover art.Cover Art –(Click to enlarge)

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