Interview: Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts Emma Roberts is a name you should familiarize yourself with now. This actress-musician is about to be everywhere. She has recently been cast as super teenage sleuth Nancy Drew and her debut album, which is a combination of a partial soundtrack for her TV show Unfabulous and a few original tracks, is in stores now. A few weeks after the release of her album Emma was gracious enough to sit down with us to discuss it and her other upcoming projects.

Shane: Your debut album Unfabulous and more…just came out a few weeks ago. It’s basically a soundtrack for your TV series Unfabulous with a few original songs. Can you tell us how that came to be?

Emma: Well, because on the show I sing and everything. So, we thought it would be cool to put out a soundtrack because everyone said how much they loved the songs. Then we were like why don’t we just, you know, put a few original songs there as well to make it more interesting.

Emma Roberts Shane: I read that you started playing guitar at age 10. Did you play any of the songs on the album?

Emma: Ah, no I didn’t [laughs] I just focused on the singing on the album.

Shane: I noticed in all the promo shots you had a Taylor guitar. Is that your guitar?

Emma: Ya, that’s mine. It’s a little baby Taylor so I like it.

Shane: Nice Guitar

Emma: Thank you. I also have a pink Daisy guitar which is really cute. It’s electric.

Shane: Any plans for a tour?

Emma: Probably not anytime soon because it’s been really busy and I’m starting Nancy Drew in January and all that kind stuff. So, probably not any time soon. [chuckles].

Shane: Any music videos coming out for any of the tracks?

Emma: Umm, ya. I have two actually. One’s for Dummy and one’s for I Wanne Be.

Shane: When did you decide to get into music?

Emma: Well like I’d said. Just kind of from the show I sing and everything we thought it would be fun to do an album. I’ve always like singing. It was just kind of a fun thing to do. Emma Roberts

Shane: Do have any musical influences that guided to the way you ended up performing?

Emma: Um. Who do I like? I’m thinking. Um. I like Michelle Branch, and um Hilary Duff, The Veronicas, Sky Sweetnum (I’m not sure I have the right name here. It was a little muffled in the recording.)

Shane: Have you always wanted to act?

Emma: Ya. Ever since I was little I always just loved movies and wanted to act, and just thought it would be a fun thing to do. I’m really happy to be finally doing it.

Shane: Can you tell us anything about the second season of Unfabulous?

Emma: Abbie goes through a lot in the second season. I had to a lot of fun things. I had to swim in a bowl of juice. A big giant bowl of juice.

Shane: That must have been fun.

Emma: Ya, it was actually. Abbie had to a lot weird stuff, but it was definitely fun.

Shane: Are you into anything else – sports, board games, collect anything? Emma Roberts

Emma: I really like Tennis, volleyball, and swimming and just… normal kid stuff.

Shane: Does it bother you that everyone mentions your famous aunt when they talk about you?

Emma: You know. Sometimes. Just only because you’re trying to be your own person and kind of do your thing, but, I mean, it’s fine. I’ve gotten used to. [laughs]

Shane: Does answering the questions over and over become tedious at all?

Emma: Sometimes it does, but a lot of people have a lot of new questions I’ve never heard [laughs].

Shane: Your first movie roll was in Blow with Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz. How did you decide to this movie considering the topic and your age at the time?

Emma: It definitely wasn’t mine, or I don’t my family’s first choice for the first I would do. I wanted to act so my Mom let me go on an audition and it was for that movie. My family’s very supportive of me and everything, but they didn’t think I would not get my first audition and neither did I. And then it happened and it was kind of like “Oh! She got the part. OK. Well then” it was just kind of weird. So then I just did. I wasn’t around any of the inappropriate things.

Shane: Have you seen it yet?

Emma: No. I’ve seen my parts and bits and pieces of it, but No.

Shane: You have big film projects coming up, most notably Nancy Drew, can you tell us about those projects?

Emma: I just finished a movie in Australia called Aquamarine, which is coming out in April. And, I just got cast as Nancy Drew, which is really exciting so we’re going to start filming that in January. It’s really exciting and I’m really happy.

Shane: Who would you love to work with?

Emma: Probably Reese Witherspoon, ya probably her she’s my favorite, and Rachel McAdams. I love her. She’s so cool. Emma Roberts

Shane: What your dream project?

Emma: Well my dream project was Nancy Drew and I got that.

Shane: What your dream project after Nancy Drew?

Emma: Hmmm. I want to play the mean girl, because I also the nice shy girl or the dork or something like that because it seems like it would be fun.

Shane: Last question. This our signature question that we ask everybody we interview here. If you stranded along on a deserted island with a plasma TV and a home theatre setup [she laughs], which 5 DVDs would you bring with you and which would you leave behind?

Emma: I would bring… Season 2 of The O.C., Clueless, umm what else do I like? I’m trying to think of what I have. Never Been Kissed, The Notebook, and Mean Girls.

Shane: And which one would you leave behind?

Emma: I would have to leave behind Season 1 of The O.C. [we both chuckle].

Shane: Thank you for you time today Emma it was nice talking with you.

Emma: It was talking with you too.

Shane: Best of luck with your future.

Emma: Thank you.

Special Thanks to Emma Roberts and Michael from ElectricArtists

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