Two New Reviewers

Please welcome to new reviewers and film enthusiasts, Guido and James.The resident ‘gas’ man (Guido) has been tearing up the forums while James has been working hard on a few reviews along with Guido to satisfy the hungry hoards of site readers. Read on for more. Check out their first reviews listed below:Guido chimes in with the following two reviews

Whether you were into it as a kid, an adult, or have yet to be exposed, Wonder Woman can provide you with hours of entertainment. The set is well mastered and so much fun

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With a show of this genre, disbelief always must be suspended. With a show like Alias, sometimes that suspension of disbelief is over the top, with convenient, backwards, sideways, upside down, rare, obscure, and downright absurd conveniences pulled in to fit the story together. Luckily the writers sat down and…

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James turns in a review on a TV series revival

There’s a reason why Newsday dubbed Battlestar Galactica as the ‘best show on television’ and its season opener, 33 minutes, won the 2005 Hugo Award for best dramatic presentation. Each episodes plays out like a movie

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