Batman Begins RECALL!!!

It seems that those Batman Begins Deluxe Editions were much more collectable then first thought. Warner Brothers has pulled most of them off the shelves and issued a recall to major retailers. It seems the comic book they come with has a rights issue legal problem.For more details, read the whole story…

According to industry insiders, there was a rights issue with the comic book and WB has pulled the initial batch of discs. If you were thinking about it,

In its place, WB has lowered the price a smidge to an SRP of $29.95 and has begun reshipping the Deluxe Edition to stores WITHOUT the comic book. Think about it, it’s only been a few days since release. You will have a true collector’s item.By the way, the edition is amazing.Read Shane’s Review or check out his enthusiasm on his Audio Review to get a clue if you didn’t have one.Well, what are you waiting for –
Get Going!!!

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