Who Likes Beaver?

Do you like Beaver?I know I LOVE Beaver!Wanna get some info on where to get Beaver?Sure you doStep inside, lot’s of Beaver awaits…

Coming onto DVD November 22nd, Universal Home Video is going to release the first season of the 50’s hit show Leave it to Beaver in two different box sets.What did you think I was gonna tell ya? :PThe standard version of the release will come in a handsome 3-disc slim snapcase package for $49.98 while a deluxe version will come in a 50’s style lunchbox for $69.98. In addition to the specs below, the deluxe version will include a photo album featuring the Cleaver Family.Specs Include –

  • All 39 First Season Episodes on 3 Double-Sided DVD’s
  • Full Frame Video
  • Original Mono AudioNo Word On Bonus Material Yet!Cover Art –
    Enlarged View
    Enlarged View

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