Walt Disney Treasures – Wave 5

It’s that time of year again. Like we mentioned in the forums about a month ago, Disney is set to release it’s fifth wave of their excellent Walt Disney Treasures series into stores this Christmas.Expect to find: The Chronological Donald – Volume 2: 1942-1946, The Adventures Of Spin And Marty, Disney Rarities – Celebrated Shorts: 1920s–1960s and Elfego Baca and The Swamp Fox – Legendary Heroes next in the shiny metal tins.Details ahead…

Coming to stores on December 6th for about $32.99, wave five of the Walt Disney Treasures series will again be a limited run and likely include only a couple of hundred thousand copies each. Like the previous releases, each disc will contain beautifully remastered image and sound and be hosted by everyone’s favorite historian – Lenny Maltin.Specs Include -The Chronological Donald – Volume 2: 1942-1946

  • An interview with the current voice of Donald
  • A Day In The Life of Donald Duck – Complete Disneyland TV Episode
  • The Art and Animation of Carl Barks featurette
  • The Volunteer Worker – Vintage WWII Short
  • Disney Studios Timeline: 1941 – 1945
  • Art GalleriesShorts Included –The Village Smithy • Commando Duck • Donald’s Snow Fight • The Plastics Inventor • Donald Gets Drafted • Donald’s Off Day • Donald’s Garden • Clock Watcher • Donald’s Gold Mine • The Eyes Have It • The Vanishing Private • Donald’s Crime • Sky Trooper • No Sail • Der Fuehrer’s Face • Cured Duck • Donald’s Tire Trouble • Old Sequoia • The Flying Jalopy • Donald’s Double Trouble • Fall Out, Fall In • Wet Paint • The Old Army Game • Dumb Bell of the Yukon • Home Defense • Lighthouse Keeping • Trombone Trouble • Frank Duck Brings ’em Back Alive • Donald Duck and the Gorilla • Contrary CondorNOTE – Some of the cartoons are already available on the On The Front Lines set.
    Enlarged Image
    The Adventures Of Spin And Marty
  • Their complete Mickey Mouse Club debut episode
  • Tim Considine screen test
  • Return To The Triple R – featurette
  • Back In The Saddle With Harry Carey Jr. – Lenny Maltin Interview
  • Image GalleryEpisodes Included –Tragedy • Sky Rocket’s Trick • Perkins’ Decision • The Last Campfire • The Triple R • Tossing the Calf • The Misfit • Rope Artist • White Stallion • Nothing Happens on A Sunday • Froggy Day • Perkins and the Bear • The Battle • The Runaway • A Surprise Decision • Haunted Valley • Homesick • The Live Ghost • Logan’s Lesson • The Big Rodeo • The Chase • Off on the Wrong Foot • The Secret Ride • Ride ’Em Cowboy • The Snipe Hunt
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    Disney Rarities – Celebrated Shorts: 1920s–1960s
  • Alice’s Cartoon World – Lenny Maltin interviews Virginia Davis
  • From Kansas City to Hollywood – Timeline
  • A Feather In His Collar – Rare Short
  • A Symposium On Popular Songs – Audio Commentary by Richard Sherman
  • Image GalleriesShorts Included –Alice’s Wonderland • Ben and Me • Alice Gets in Dutch • Football, Now and Then • Alice’s Wild West Show • Toot, Whistle, Plunk & Boom • Alice in the Jungle • Pigs Is Pigs • Alice’s Egg Plant • Social Lion • Alice’s Mysterious Mystery • A Cowboy Needs a Horse • Alice the Whaler • Hooked Bear • Ferdinand the Bull • In the Bag • Chicken Little • Jack and Old Mac • The Pelican and the Snipe • The Story of Anyburg, U.S.A. • The Truth about Mother Goose • The Brave Engineer • Paul Bunyan • Morris, the Midget Moose • Noah’s Ark • Lambert, the Sheepish Lion • Goliath II • The Little House • The Saga of Windwagon Smith • Adventures in Music: Melody • A Symposium on Popular Songs
    Enlarged Image
    Elfego Baca and The Swamp Fox – Legendary Heroes
  • Interview with Robert Loggia
  • Tales of Courage and Adventure – featurette
  • Image GalleriesEpisodes Included – Elfego Baca: Nine lives of Elfego Baca • Four Down and Five Lives to Go • Attorney at Law • Swamp Fox: Birth of the Swamp Fox • Brother Against Brother • Tory Vengeance
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