The Bruce Lee Ultimate Collection

Once again 20th Century Fox will give some love to their Bruce Lee movies and spiff them up a touch. Coming to DVD October 18th an all-new Ultimate Collection box set featuring 5 movies.Want to know more? Read on and we’ll spill the beans on what we have… waaaa! The new boxset will feature all four films from The Master Collection and an addition film that only briefly featured Bruce Lee.This time it appears as though Fox is releasing them with the correct Hong Kong titles, unlike the previous release.The titles that are included are:

  • Fists of Fury (The Chinese Connection – US)
  • Way of the Dragon (Return of the Dragon – US)
  • Game of Death
  • The Big Boss (Fists of Fury – US)
  • Game of Death 2We have no word yet on the extras that will be included. However, we can confirm that it has been digitally remastered and will feature a widescreen presentation.Check out the spiffy cover art below.
    Enlarge Image

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