Episode III DVD Details

Some Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith details have emerged this weekend after Comic-Con ’05. Thanks to some friends of ours who were actually able to attend, meaning The Digital Bits and DVD Answers, we’ve got those details and some shots of some of the added material.Check it. Unfortunately, there has been no official release date as of yet. However, the first two Tuesday’s of November have been mentioned a few times. The video transfer will be direct from the digital source just like Episode II disc was. It will also feature a THX certified Dolby Digital 5.1 EX audio track.The few extras that we are aware of are an audio commentary with Darth Flannel (George Lucas) and members of his production crew, along with a new long-form documentary on making Sith. There will also be a bunch of shorter featurettes and whack load of new deleted scenes. One of these was shown to the audience and featured Padme, Bail Organa, a young Mon Mothma (who is the leader of the rebels in Jedi) among others discussing the commencement of the Rebel Alliance.Also, there will eventually be a 6-DVD set featuring all the films, but when is unknown at this time or on which format.Here’s some shots from the scene showed at Comic-Con ’05 thanks to those blokes over at DVD Answers.

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