More “The Staircase” Exclusives…

I hope everyone continues to tune into Sundance Channel’s excellent series The Staircase. It’s Monday night, so there is a new set of back to back episodes airing today at 9pm.Today, we have another exclusive look at a clip from the series.Move forward and read on to check it out! EXCLUSIVE – The Staircase: Excerpt from Episode Two Defense attorney David Rudolf talks about “the most important day in court.”Here are some more clips –The Staircase: Promotional TrailerWatch THE STAIRCASE every Monday in April at 9:00PMThe Staircase: Episode 3 – Chapter 5Mike’s kids provide a little mid-trial commentary.The Staircase: Episode 3 – Chapter 6Extra-marital affairs, internet laisons, all in Episode 3 of THE STAIRCASE. Next on The StaircaseA sneak peak at next week’s episode of THE STAIRCASEAlso,If you haven’t already done so, check out my review of the entire show. As many of you who read my reviews can attest, if I like something I’m honest about it. This show is great!

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