Film Noir gets in the ring for another round!!

Remember WB’s FILM NOIR CLASSICS COLLECTION from last July?That thing of juicy dark goodness, featuring OUT OF THE PAST, ASPHALT JUNGLE and THE SETUP among others?Well good news kids…There’s another one in the making….READONYOUMAGNIFICENTBASTARDS!!! On the heels of last years FILM NOIR CLASSIC COLLECTION Warner Home Video has announced that they will release a second set this July.WHV has revealed that the set was in the works for 2006, but release was bumped up due to the incredible response to the first collection.What’s in it?Five more remastered Noir masterpieces:BORN TO KILL from THE SETUP director Robert Wise and starring perennial Hollywood bad guy Lawrence Tierney (Yes, that Lawrence Tierney, from RESERVOIR DOGS!).DILLINGER also starring Tierney as the legendary criminal. Richard Fliescher’s THE NARROW MARGIN.CROSSFIRE, starring Gloria Grahame and Bobby Mitchum.Fritz Lang’s CLASH BY NIGHT with Barbara Stanwyck and Marilyn Monroe.Little is known about features to be included, but all of these titles will be available for July 5, individually or in the set.Also on July 5 is the long awaited release of the original “Neo-Noir” classic, John Boorman’s POINT BLANK!!!Starring the legendary Lee Marvin, this is the most hardcore crime film of the era and the basis for dozens of later films including Mel Gibson’s homage PAYBACK!Features on POINT BLANK 2will include commentary from Boorman and Steven Soderbergh and vintage featurettes.

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