Dah, Dum…

Daaaaaah, Dum…Good news Speilberg fans. Everyone’s favorite shark is getting a new release on DVD come june when Universal releases Jaws: 30th Anniversary Edition.To get a look at the early specs, click ahead…

**UPDATE – Coverart and Details Added**
Swimming into stores (ha ha!) on June 14, Jaws: 30th Anniversary Edition will be a 2-disc set that will offer the movie in separate anamorphic widescreen and foolscreen editions.The first disc will contain the film with BOTH Dolby Digital and DTS sound. The second disc will be entirely new features. There’s no indication that the original Jaws documentary that was on the laserdisc and then later stripped down and re-edited for the first Jaws DVD will be included. Although, something called the Commemorative Photo Journal will be included with the package.Also,

  • The Making of Jaws (probably feature length from the old laserdisc)
  • A never-before-seen interview with Steven Spielberg
  • Storyboards
  • Production Photos
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Marketing Jaws featurette
  • Jaws Phenomenon featurette
  • Collectable Art (no, the pic at the bottom is NOT it)The best news of all? This new edition will retail for an affordable $22.98
    -Thanks to thedigitalbits.com & IGN.com
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