Hell on Wheels – On DVD!

Alright gearheads, listen up -For the Discovery Channel fanatics in the house we have a double offering of motor-filled mayhem and creation. At affordable prices even.Monster Garage and American Chopper season sets are heading this way!Saddle up and ship ’em out…
The Passion!The Pride!Alrighty folks, apparently only currently available through the Discovery Channel directly at ridiculous prices, full season sets are now being re-released and mass distributed of both Monster Garage and American Chopper. Monster Garage – Season 1 and Monster Garage – Season 2 will both drop on May 3rd for about $29.96 each in a 3 disc set. Not a lot of details are known yet about special features so hold on to your lunch and we’ll post any of those details if they become available.Also,Coming on May 3rd for $29.96 each in 3 disc sets, American Chopper – Season 1 and American Chopper – Season 2 will hit shelves in stores. No special feature details are known for this one either, but we’ll post them as soon as we have them.For now check out the art work and if you havent seen it, click the fine looking lady at the bottom of the page for a look at Jesse James’ West Coast Choppers site.Cover art –

-Thanks to tvshowsondvd.com

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