Close Encounter of the Farrell Kind

Ordinarily, we at eyecravedvd are more interested in individual projects and films then the actors themselves who star in them, but this is too cool.Seems a colleague and friend to a relation of mine had a first hand run in with one of the biggest stars in Hollywood just recently over the US Thanksgiving holiday.Why should you care? The star in question was none other then Colin Farrell who is currently on a junket promoting Oliver Stone’s Alexander.For all the dish, click forward… Wishing to remain private (while secretly making thousands of women jealous), my tipster was kind enough to fill us in on the details of her encounter that lasted an entire plane flight. “Here’s the story…On Wednesday November 24th, 2004 at 10:15pm I was on a flight from Toronto to San Francisco and I heard that Colin Farrell was in first class. Actually, I sat right behind him . I must say that he’s the most humble yet energetic celebrity I have ever met to date. He wore jeans , a brown shirt and a black coat.He has a black cross tattoo on his forearm and he wore many chains around his neck. Actually, he blended right in with all the other travelers heading out West for the holidays.He cracked a few jokes with the flight attendants and had a couple of drinks. Specifically, his favorite drink is tonic and vodka. He mentioned that he’s touring the world promoting his new movie Alexander the Great. He was on his way to San Francisco to spend time with relatives and friends for the Thanksgiving holiday then off to Europe to promote the movie.Once we arrived in SF International he collected his own bags, signed a few autographs and spoke with others on his flight. He was accompanied by his agent.Colin Farrell is soooo down to earth and transmits an aura of postivitiy. His Irish accent could be heard a mile away and he’s truly an ” Average Joe”.Many fans congratulated him on his career successes and he gratefully responded that God has been with him from the start. Personally, as far as my interactions with Colin I can see that he is a highly religious individual.”Cool yes? I got info second hand that he also talked about his children and a mention that he’s dating Angelina Jolie. Oops, no more secret!Let’s hope that Colin succeeds in Europe at promoting Alexander because things aren’t going so well at the North American box office. I’m personally waiting eagerly to see him tackle Don Johnson’s role of Crockett in the movie version of Miami Vice in 2006.For more on Colin Farrell:Official SiteIMDB.comalsoMy Review of Alexander in our forumsOh and just for the record, check it out –

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