Studios draw a line!

Oh boy!The Blu-Ray VS HD-DVD groups have begun to form, even before either has been released.Today 4 movie studios have thrown their support behind a format. To find out what and which, click forward to read… The format wars continue. According to Video Business OnlineUniversal Studios said it would begin issuing HD DVD discs by the holiday season of 2005. Paramount said it would hold off until 2006. Warner and New Line did not announce specific release plans but are expected to issue discs before the end of next year.”So what does this mean? well sometime late next year or early 2006, if you have to watch movies in High Definition on that new fancy TV or projection system and you have a giant hole burning in your wallet, you can on one of two formats competing for your business.In the HD-DVD corner will be Universal, Paramount, New Line and Warner Brothers along with The Matrix, Star Trek and Lord of the Rings.In the Blu-Ray corner will be Fox, Columbia and MGM with Star Wars, Spiderman and James Bond.My advice? wait 3 years and buy a player from a non-partisan company that will play BOTH formats.You can be sure that we here at eyecrave will continue to watch this situation closely as it continues to unfold.

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