Enterprise DVDs?

Anyone been watching Star Trek: Enterprise lately? Well, if you were to say NO then you wouldn’t be alone. In my opinion the show has been aweful overall. However, a glimmer of hope these last two airings. The show has actually been good. It almost amazes me to say it. Granted, it was only the last two episodes I’ve dug over the last 4 seasons, but they were actually enjoyable. Who knew?For the more die-hard Enterprise fan I bet you’d like confirmation the show is coming to DVD. Click ahead for a little proof… Since Paramount is finishing off the Voyager and Original Series season sets this year, Enterprise will come home around spring of 2005. Details are not yet known, but as a wise man once said – “it is logical to assume that they will follow the same lines as the previous Star Trek sets!”. Well, actually I said that… just now – but it should hold true.Expect a look at a little bit of Voyager and Original Series product in the near future.Now if Paramount would only slash their prices in half….hmmmmmAnyhow, behold this art and take it as proof. Although keep in mind that Paramount likes to give Region 2 (where the ad’s are from) waaaaaay cooler packaging then us in Region 1. But now you know they’re coming.

– thanks to thedigitalbits.com

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