Red Sox Win World Series!!!

Can you believe it?…
**UPDATE – Jimmy Fallon World Series Movie News??**
In the 21st century, fresh off overcoming the biggest deficit in Major League Baseball history, for the first time since 1918 and after 86 years, during the 100th World Series, while a lunar eclipse was taking place – The Boston Red Sox have finally beat the Curse of the Bambino by sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals. History has been made again.You can’t make this stuff up.Congrats to them and thanks for some of the best playoff baseball anyone’s ever seen.

Anyone catch Jimmy Fallon running on the field and kissing some girl while the Red Sox hopped up and down? Did anyone else think it was incredibly tacky? Well, the girl was Drew Barrymore and they were reshooting the ending of a movie about an obsessed Boston Red Sox fan called Fever Pitch which is brought to you by the Farrelly Brothers. Yup…it’s gonna suck.

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