Hyped Up!TM Volume #2.3

We’re getting Hyped Up! again this week over some super schaweet DVDs that are hitting store shelves.We’ve covered what we’re excited for… tell us what titles will get you going in the forums (remember – you don’t have to be registered in this forum). Turn the lights down. Turn the volume up. Now, get prepared to scream as Jason Voorhees takes out unsuspecting slabs of walking meat. That’s right an 8-disc set is hitting store shelves Oct. 5. The Friday the 13th set will feature the films From Crystal Lake to Manhattan.Seeing as Jon commented below already on Aladdin I will not, but I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND it.I was debating whether or not to say anything about Fehrenheit 9/11. I’m not a fan of Michael Moore and I won’t pretend to be. Just know that you can get it on DVD Oct. 5.Now – onto October 12th.Disaster gets a new look with The Day After Tomorrow. It’s a so-so movie with some spectacular special effects.Here are some other mentions for the 5th

Here are some other mentions for the 12th
————————Jonathan checks in:What are you prepared to do? Yes folks, what we’ve all been waiting for this since the original, crappy movie-only edition hit shelves – The Untouchables is showing up in a Special Edition October 5th with what is hopefully gonna be a new animorphic widescreen transfer and sound. A second disc of goodies is included too…woo hoo!Also for fans of animation, enjoyable storytelling or just Disney in general – Aladdin is hitting DVD in 2 different versions. If you’re just in it for the movie or want to please a few whiny kids, shell out for just the disc’s. But if you’re like me, you’ll spend just a tad more and get the Collector’s Giftset that includes a film stip, new drawings and a book.To round out what gets my gears cranking on October 5th is the release of The Shawshank Redemption in a new Special Edition, either alone or in a collection with the soundtrack. Ever notice that Stephen King’s best ideas happen to be positive rather then horror based? hmmmmm.Now on October 12th, From North….Carrrrrrroooooollllliiinnnnaaaaaa – Michael Jooooorrrdaaaaan. That’s right, for the 20th anniversary of first stepping onto a court and before he semi-ruined his near perfect legacy with a need to repeatedly return, the NBA is re-releasing and enhancing Ultimate Jordan. Not only will the box include all of Air Mikey’s previous videos and hi-lights, but there will be a 3rd disc containing an amazing 5 of his best games in their entirety. All that for just over $20 smackers. Not too shabby.AXEL CHECKS INAll I have to say is VAMPYROS… NOSFERATU… THE LIVING DEAD!!!The most hilarious Vampire flick to date – Roman Polanskis THE FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS, OR PARDON ME BUT YOUR TEETH ARE IN MY NECK comes out today! Manic, frantic, and absolutely insane Vampire fun.And then follow that up with Tony Scotts gorgeous 80’s requiem for the Vamp – THE HUNGER, arguably the most beautiful Vampire movie ever shot. Catherine Deneuve, a hot young Susan Sarandon and the Tall Thin Duke hisself, David Bowie. The opening with Bauhaus playing “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is one of the most memorable scenes of the 80’s. Pick em’ up or face the wrath of my army of the night!!!

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