Hyped Up!TM Volume #2.2

Tuesday – JUST BRING IT!In this weeks Hyped Up!TM check out what the Canadian Connection have to say about this weeks coming DVD releases.IF YA SMELLLLALALALALLL WHAT I’M COOKING! “I’m gonna take you down Know Your Role Drive. Make that left on Candyass Blvd., and check your roody poo CANDY ass right into the smackdown hotel!”That quote more or less defines what The Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson, will be doing when you put his latest movie, Walking Tall, into you DVD player this coming Monday. Having been a fan of The Rock before he made his transition from the WWF (now WWE) into the wide world of movies it’s nice to see the level of success he’s had in both. His passage thus far has been immense with many dubbing the self proclaimed “Great One” as today’s newest action star replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger.Pick up Walking Tall on Tuesday you won’t regret it.——– For this next film I’ve heard rumors of funny man Jim Carrey getting an Oscar nom for his role in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Unfortunately, Jim Carrey has been overlooked at least one other time when he transformed himself into Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon. I haven’t seen this film, but with appears to be a solid cast it cannot be all that bad. I mean, who doesn’t mind starring at Kate Winslet and Kirsten Dunst.——–Here are some other honerable mentions for your consideration this coming Tuesday.

Axel chimes in Alright, alright alright!Here’s my two cents on the upcoming week…Who can say no to this? Stiller… good ol’ Jables, Jack Black… Amy Poehler, arguably the funniest woman on SNL in a decade… the ferociously hot Rachel Weisz… and oh yeah, baby!!! WALKEN!!!I’m talkin’ bout ENVY, the long delayed, oft-dismayed, but purely hilarious comedy featuring the abovementioned stars in all manner of chaos over a product called Va-poo-rize! AWE-INSPIRING to say the least.This one’s coming from Dreamworks, with the usual craptastic pile of banal extras, but this is one you should check out for the comedy alone. Nuff said? EASY RIDER: 35th Anniversary Edition from Columbia TriStar. This is the same ol’ kick ass, longhaired disciples of the road movie, with a few choice extras to sweeten your buzz. Included is the British Film Institutes “Modern Classic” book EASY RIDER by Lee Hill.The book is part of a celebrated series and explores the film and it’s production in much depth. Also added to the set is a CD soundtrack full of those legendary tunes and an awesome new outer case that will be the envy of dirtbags and ditchpigs everywhere. Last, but not least, Media Blasters brings another legendary film to DVD – RAT PFINK AND BOO BOO Director/Star Ray Dennis Stecklers THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED UP ZOMBIES.Steckler also stars (under the alias Cash Flagg) in this crazy mix-em-up, where 60’s swingers run afoul of a vindictive Gypsy who turns them into ridiculous zombie party fiends. Also billed as the first Monster Musical, this is a classic example of the high camp Drive-In fare of the mid-60’s.Extras include interviews with Steckler and his leading lady, B-Movie superstar Carolyn Brandt. Many will remember this gem of bad moviedom from season 8 of MST3K and the infamous IT CAME FROM HOLLYWOOD. Check it out hepcats!And I’m spent.

Jonathan has something to sayAlright, class is in session. On the 28th PBS Home Video is going Ken Burns crazy. The finest work of the man who practically invented the modern historical documentary is being released or re-released. Like what you ask? Well how about his biggest documentaries in massive individual box sets consisting of The Civil War, Baseball and Jazz. Not enough? Well then how about The Brooklyn Bridge, The Congress, Empire of the Air – The Men Who Made Radio, Huey Long and Thomas Hart Benton. Still not enough? Well then how about a giftset containing the previous individual titles as well as The Shakers? Don’t act now because we’re still not done with the insanity. Add to the above individual releases of Frank Lloyd Wright, Lewis & Clark, Mark Twain and Thomas Jefferson. Phew, now that’s a lot of history. Also Trekkies, Trekkers, Nerds, Dweebs and fans alike should take note that the 28th is also when Paramount is supposed to get around to finally releasing the Special Edition of Star Trek: Generations – Shatner’s Revenge. The movie stars our intrepid hero William Shatner as he does battle with the evil forces of hemorroids. All right, maybe I’m fibbing a little bit. It was really more of a rash. Originally the title was pulled at the last moment due to a misprint over theatrical trailers on the packaging. Believe me, it was some misprint….Whoooa!

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