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We’ve just gotten some news from Lions Gate Home Entertaiment about some of their upcoming November releases. Plus some exciting news about one of this summers scary films.Read on minions… read on First up, on November 9th the Japanese version of upcoming film The Grudge, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ju-On will hit store shelves. Extras will include a Commentary by Legendary Director Sam Raimi, Ju-On: The True Story, a “Making of” Featurette, 4 Cast Interviews, a Director’s Interview, some Behind-the-Scenes footage, as well as Outtake Footage. Finishing off the bonus features will be an Alternate Ending.——–Coming on the same day is Popeye’s Voyage: The Quest for Pappy, which will be the first time the legendary sailor will be CGI-animated.Synopsis: Popeye and his pals set sail to rescue Popeye’s long lost Pappy. Along the way, Popey must battle the open seas and the infamous Sea Hag!——–Were you a fan Unsolved Misteries? Well good news for you. LGHE will be releasing a 4-disc box set on November 9th on Miracles. Unsolved Misteries ran for 11 years on network television and is ranked #2 in Primetime only behind heavy weights Cheers and 60 Minutes.——–No for the really big news. LGHE is prepping Open Water for a December 28th release date. We currently have no other details other than when it will be released. Stay tuned for more once it becomes available.

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