Ed Wood Problems Explained

After 2 delays, eBay Auctions and the aggravation of fans, there is now an explaination to what is keeping Ed Wood from making its appearance on DVD.For the reasons why and what will and will not be included in the special edition click on… Seems that when it all boils down, the reason Ed Wood was delayed came down to Director Tim Burton himself.According to Video Business Online“After two delays, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has slated the Ed Wood Special Edition DVD for an Oct. 19 release, but it’ll have one less bonus feature than originally planned.A cross-dressing retrospective was cut from the original lineup at the request of director Tim Burton, sources said.The 1994 movie stars Johnny Depp as the legendary ’50s director who was hailed as the worst director of all time and dressed in angora sweaters. Among the movies he helmed was the science-fiction flick Plan 9 From Outer Space.The special edition was first scheduled for release in 2002. Then, the DVD was duplicated earlier this year and shipped to some stores for a Feb. 3 release, but BVHE pulled it days before because Burton hadn’t signed off on the special edition.Copies that made it out were immediately posted on eBay, where they were selling for as much as $150. The October release (prebook Sept. 7) carries a $29.99 suggested retail price.Even without the cross-dressing feature, the new special edition is packed with bonus features. Those include a commentary with Burton, actor Martin Landau and filmmakers; an on-set tour hosted by actor Johnny Depp; five deleted scenes including a rendition of Que Sera Sera by Bill Murray; a music video; and featurettes with composers and designers.”So there you have it. Owners of the copies they were forunate enough to get after the first recall or through eBay probably still have themselves a collectible. Although, the reason Tim Burton was unhappy with the pulled featurette seems to remain a mystery.Lets cross our fingers that come October 19th Ed Wood actually makes its DVD premiere.

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