MTI chills and thrills up October

Our good friends at the lil’ indie that could, MTI Home Video, have two intense thrillers on the way for October that might just rock your boat!The infinitely appealing Canadian staple Wendy Crewson returning to the role of super-sleuth Joanne Kilbourn in VERDICT IN BLOOD!!And Micheal Nouri, Timothy Busfield and Trek Hottie Marina Sirtis take on a deadly virus (of the PC vein) in TERMINAL ERROR!!!Read on, popcorn luvahs!! *From the MTI Press release WENDY CREWSON RETURNS AS JOANNE KILBOURN INVERDICT IN BLOODBased on the best selling book by Gail Bowen, VERDICT IN BLOOD will be released on VHS/DVD October 5MTI Home Video, the leading independent home entertainment studio, will release VERDICT IN BLOOD. The crime thriller will be available on VHS and DVD on October 5, 2004 The DVD release will include Interactive menus, Scene selection, Cast filmographies, Optional Spanish subtitles and Trailers. The feature was written by Gail Bowen (novel), Jeremy Hole (A Killing Spring), Janet Maclean (Wind at my Back), and Andrew Wreggitt (A Colder Kind of Death), and was directed by Stephen Williams (Crossing Jordan, Dark Angel). The film stars Wendy Crewson (The Clearing, Jack), Robert Davi (Call Me…, Hitters), Shawn Doyle (24, Frequency) and Sally Kellerman (Prêt-à-Porter, Open House).Synopsis:The subject of crime sleuth Joanne Kilbourn’s television story – a stern Judge turned lenient and has been murdered in her home. Now Joanne must solve the mystery. The key may be found in the judges two wills. Which will prevail – the one leaving everything to her daughters or the one leaving it all to a halfway house for ex-cons? Whoever stood to lose could be her murderer. PRESS RELEASE Michael Nouri – Marina Sirtis – Timothy Busfield star in the thrillerTERMINAL ERRORMTI Home Video, the leading independent home entertainment studio, along with their Studio Partner, Artist View Entertainment, will release the hi-tech sci-fi feature, Terminal Error, where a father and son team must figure out how to pull the plug on a deadly computer virus that has a mind of its own. The film will be available on VHS and DVD on October 12, 2004.The DVD release will include interactive menus, scene selection, cast filmographies, optional Spanish subtitles, and trailers. Terminal Error was written by T.L. Petrie and directed by John Murlowski (Black Cadillac), and co-produced by Bari Carrelli (Fangs, Trapped: Buried Alive). The film stars Michael Nouri (The Terminal, Lovely & Amazing), Marina Sirtis (Net Games, Star Trek: The Next Generation), Timothy Busfield(The West Wing, National Security), Matthew Ewald (Killer Flood: The Day the Dam Broke), and Robert Casey (Falling in Love). Synopsis:When a bitter former partner of a wealthy computer mogul, Brad Weston (Nouri), wants revenge, he releases a powerful computer virus that surprisingly takes on a mind of its own. What was supposed to only destroy computer terminals evolves into a deadly entity that is killing everyone in its path, by creating deadly technical errors. Now, it’s up to Brad and his son, Dylan (Ewald) to outsmart the virus, before the virus outsmarts the world.

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