Disney Goodness

This is definitely a treat for Disney fans. Earlier this year fans rejoiced as they were finally able to buy the last wave of tins and not even a few months later Walt Disney has released artwork for their next wave of Walt Disney Treasures collectable tins. While features or specs aren’t available as yet, the tins should hit stores December 7th.Not to be outdone, a new 2 disc Mary Poppins set is flying in just a week later on December 14th.To get a gander at the goods, click on and take a peek… In true house of mouse tradition, the collectable tins will include: Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume 2, The Mickey Mouse Club and The Complete Pluto.Mary Poppins will come in a two disc set and while details are not yet available, dvdanswers.com has been able to confirm that features may include an audio commentary, trivia, a new animated short, a deleted song and more.Stay tuned for more information as it arrives.

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