Frankly My Dear…

After previous efforts to bring the classic to DVD resulted in releases that fell short of the mark, Warner Brothers is lavishly bringing Victor Fleming’s landmark film Gone With The Wind to classic film connoisseur’s in a 4 disc DVD set.For details, please continue… Set for release on November 9th, the set will include the film split across two dual-layered discs, fully restored and in its original fullscreen ratio using Warner Brothers new “Ultra-Resolution” technique. The audio will be available in both a remixed 5.1 and original mono flavors.Bonus features include a new audio commentary with historian Rudy Behlmer, documentaries on Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, a 45 minute interview with Olivia de Havilland, a 1989 documentary “The Making of a Legend: Gone With The Wind”, additional behind-the-scenes footage, publicity and advertising materials and more. Actor Christopher Plummer will play host to much of the bonus material. There will even be a reproduction of the original souvenir program that was sold to patrons during the first roadshow exhibitions in the late 30’s.Phew… More solid details and artwork is to come. Retail will be about $40.Thanks to for providing the details.

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