MGM Scam?

Some very disturbing news has come to light concerning MGM‘s bargain bin DVD titles. Ordinarily, when a title reaches a bargain bin in a local retailer it has been out on DVD for sometime already and the price has been reduced to a point where it can’t get any cheaper. However, its usually the same disc that debuted at a much higher price point. MGM seems to think that’s not good enough and are leading the consumer to believe the movie titles are the originals in special edition form, when they really are movie-only versions. Apparently they are even going so far as to use the same UPC code. Read on and learn what titles are to be replaced… According to -“A number of MGM releases are quietly being downgraded from fully-loaded special editions to dumbed-down reissues. Some of these “Stepford” titles include Bowling for Columbine, Bull Durham, Jeepers Creepers, Legally Blonde, The Sure Thing, Thelma & Louise and Valley Girl. Bear in mind that these aren’t just additional “bargain” releases, they’re actually replacing the special edition versions – so far as bearing the same UPC numbers and all. So get the loaded ones while you can. “Hopefully this trend will end with the consumer uproar that is sure to follow.

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