Wanna know who’s showing up in Petey Jackson’s Big Ace remake of KING KONG???Read on you damn dirty apes!! Peter Jackson has added Colin Hanks and Kyle Chandler to the mix for his Monster-huge remake of KING KONG. Jack Black will play Carl Denham, with Adrien Brody as 1st Mate Jack Driscoll and Naomi Watts in the Fay Wray role as every Ape’s dream girl, Ann Darow. Andy Serkis will appear in the flesh as Lumpy the cook, but word has it, he also provides the action reference for the CGI Kong, in the same way he performed as Gollum. Presumably he will NOT be providing the voice of the 8th Wonder. Jackson and his Oscar magnet team are set to film for a December 14, 2005 theatrical release. Ladies and gentlemen, look at Kong, the Eighth Wonder of the World!

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