Japanese Goodies!

Why is it that the Japanese always get the coolest stuff? If you recall from a while back Miramax and Fox’s Home Entertainment Divisions chose to bestow upon the Japanese market an uber-cool Kill Bill box set with a T-shirt and various other play things, and also an Alien Quadriliogy set that came in a skull of the Alien itself.Now it seems that they are getting even cooler swag. Star Trek and Godzilla boxed sets are coming to Japan. Amazon Japan has just listed the Galaxy Box of the entire original Star Trek series, which is soon to hit retail stores. The box will come in a plexiglass case with a Tricoder reproduction that’s also a working Radio! Such a set does not come cheap, however, with a pricetag of 94,200 Yen or almost $900 dollars US.Not to be outdone, Toho will release Godzilla Final Box: 50th Anniversary Perfect Collection and will house all 27 Godzilla movies including the Roland Emmerich version. Tonnes of extras, which will include soundtracks and a book, bonus DVD material and even an empty space for the final Godzilla: Final Wars when it comes out in the near future. It’s also not cheap. The price is 99,750 Yen, which is around $1000 dollars US.Click both links for alternate or bigger looks at the boxes.

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