Has your life been sorely lacking in Direct-to-Video goodness?Are you chomping at the bit for a little of that good ol’ Indie cornbread?Read on to find out about two upcoming releases from our incomparable friends at MTI!!TROPIXandBritish WWII Cult-horror THE BUNKER!!Giddy-up! (From the MTI press release)WWII German Soldiers Are Confronted ByPast Demons In The Horrifying Confines ofTHE BUNKERThe Psychological Warfare Begins June 8th!MTI Home Video, the largest privately held independent home entertainment studio, along with their Studio Partner, Redrum Entertainment, will release the horror film, THE BUNKER, on DVD June 8, 2004. The DVD will be overflowing with extras, including: Widescreen Format, Directors Commentary, “The making of THE BUNKER,” Deleted Scenes, Photo Gallery, Interactive Menus, Scene Selection, Optional Spanish Subtitles, and Trailers*.THE BUNKER stars Jason Flemyng (The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Jack Davenport (Pirates Of The Caribbean), and Christopher Fairbank (The Fifth Element). The feature was written by Clive Dawson (P.O.W.), directed by Rob Green (The Trick, The Black Cat), and produced by Daniel Figuero (An Ideal Husband).Synopsis:Set in 1944, a platoon of battle weary German soldiers is torn by tension and dissent. They take refuge from advancing Allied forces within the confines of an underground bunker system. As night closes in, a series of increasingly bizarre and horrifying events begin, leading ultimately to a deadly cat-and-mouse game of psychological warfare in a maze of tunnels. Are the soldiers being stalked by enemy soldiers, or have the demons from their past finally caught up with them?See the trailer HERE Come to the tropics. See endangered species – Try not to become one!TROPIXStimulating Thriller to be released on DVD July 27th!MTI Home Video, the leading independent home entertainment studio, will release the thriller TROPIX, on July 27, 2004 . TROPIX is a paradise noir tale of scams, seduction and survival, set against the beaches and jungles of Costa Rica. DVD extras include widescreen format, a behind-the-scenes featurette,deleted scenes, interactive menus, scene selection, optional Spanishsubtitles, and trailers. TROPIX stars Danielle Bisutti (The O.C.), Ryan Barton-Grimley, Keith Brunsmann (Tweek City, Sticks), Thomas Scott Stanton (Enter the Matrix, FourLean Hounds), and Michelle Jones. The feature was written and directed byLivia Linden (The Spree), with Percy Angress (La Calera) also directing.The film was produced by Percy Angress, Livia Linden, and Jenny CallicottWebster.Synopsis:Corinne Findlay (Bisutti) and her husband (Stanton) are off on a tropical vacation to “work on their relationship,” but before she has barely shaken the sand out of her sarong Corinne is kidnapped and brought to an isolated banana plantation. Embroiled in the subculture of sleazy gringos who exploit banana republic-era land regulation, she and her captors follow the promise of a deal through a maze of canals and mangrove wilds to a deserted, pristine beach. Far from home, bumbling through “paradise,” no one gets quite what he – or she – came for. TROPIX is a darkly ironic and lightly comic meditation on human folly that plays out on Costa Rica’s eco-tourist edenic landscape.See the trailer HEREMTI Home Video:Marking their 20th Anniversary (1984 – 2004), MTI Home Video is a full service independent motion picture studio that produces and distributes feature films to the domestic marketplace. Based in Miami, Florida, the independent releases more than fifty films each year on VHS and DVD with their Studio Partners: Artist View Entertainment, Bedford Entertainment, Delta Entertainment, Fangoria Presents, and Redrum Entertainment. For more information, please visit*DVD features subject to changes

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