Hellboy’s Coming… to DVD

Columbia Tri-Star has announced the release date for a 2-disc Special Edition of Hellboy on July 17th.We’ve got the info on the specs, extras and the cover art. Plus some details concerning a 3-disc Director’s Cut DVD.*Updated with a more detailed extras list* The Special Edition DVD will have Anamorphic Widescreen video and Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. The exta features are the following:Disc one:

  • Eight Branching DVD Comics by Mike Mignola – A never-been-done DVD feature containing eight Branching DVD comics by Mike Mignola – an onscreen look at Hellboy comic books with the creator when an image of a comic book page will appear on screen
  • Mignola will compare that page with that exact shot used in the film.
  • Eight Right Hand of Doom Set Visits – at key moments during the movie, viewers are given the option to branch out to a short featurette showing what life was like on the set during that day of shooting
  • Storyboards – picture-in-picture storyboard track plays simultaneously with the film
  • Four Short Films featuring the cartoons Hellboy himself recommends
  • Cast Commentary with Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, Rupert Evans and Jeffrey Tambor
  • Creator Commentary with director Guillermo del Toro and co-executive producer Mike Mignola
  • DVD-Rom – Director’s Notebook, Printable Script, Script Supervisor’s Book Disc two:
  • Four Animatics – computer-generated animated scene breakdowns. The next level in storyboarding. Directors use them to help visualize what some of the more complicated shots will look like.
  • Three deleted scenes with optional commentary
  • Scene deconstruction – director Guillermo del Toro walks us through the evolution of a scene from his sketches to the storyboards to the finished scene
  • Hellboy: The Seeds of Creation – This 2 1/2 hour documentary focuses on bringing Hellboy from script to screen
  • Kroenen’s Lair – four storyboard to film comparisons
  • Five Board-A-Matics – side-by-side comparison of scenes with the animated storyboards
  • Weblink – Hellboy merchandise
  • Nine theatrical TV spots
  • Poster Explorations for the Hellboy theatrical campaign
  • Filmographies According to director Guillermo del Toro he’s planning to release an even bigger badder version on DVD. A 3-disc director’s cut, which is expected to be out just in time for the holidays.

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