Batman: The Animated Series Coming to DVD

Woooohooo. Finally some good news. Warner Home Video is prepping the release of Batman: The Animated Series on DVD this July. The first volume will street July 6th and we have some details and the cover art on this upcoming release. The four-disc set of Batman: The Animated Series Vol. 1 will include 28 episodes of the dark knight. The series will be presented in Full Screen just as it was on TV and will feature stereo sound tracks.Commentaries for select episodes by Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and Eric Rodomski will be part of the extras. As well as, Batman: The Legacy Continues featurette, Dark Knight’s First Night featurette, Tour of the Batcave and trailers for Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman, Challenge of the Superfriends, and Justice League: Star Crossed.This potential episode list is according to our friends over at TVShowsonDVD.comDisc 1: “On Leather Wings” (Commentary with Bruce Timm, Paul Dini & Eric Rodomski), “Christmas With the Joker”, “Nothing to Fear”, “The Last Laugh”, “Pretty Poison”, “The Underdwellers”, and “P.O.V.”. FEATURETTE: “The Dark Knight’s First Night”.Disc 2: “The Forgotten”, “Be a Clown”, “Two-Face (Part 1)”, “It’s Never Too Late”, “I’ve Got Batman in My Basement”, “The Cat and the Claw (Part 1)”, and “Heart of Ice” (Commentary with Bruce Timm, Paul Dini & Eric Rodomski). FEATURETTE: “Batman: The Legacy Continues”.Disc 3: “See No Evil”, “The Cat and the Claw (Part 2)”, “Two-Face (Part 2)”, “Beware the Gray Ghost”, “Prophecy of Doom”, “Feat of Clay (Part 1)”, and “Feat of Clay (Part 2)”. FEATURETTE: “Tour of the Batcave”.Disc 4: “Joker’s Favor”, “Vendetta”, “Fear of Victory”, “The Clock King”, “Appointment in Crime Alley”, “Mad as a Hatter”, and “Dreams in Darkness”. TRAILERS: “Other Super Hero Favorites” (promos for Challenge of the Superfriends, Justice League – Star Crossed, and Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman).

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