Dawn of the Dead Box Office Leader

The Dead took over the box office this weekend. The Passion slipped for the first time in 4 weeks and Angelina Jolie is still looking good. Dawn of the Dead has bumped box office mega weight, The Passion of the Christ from the top spot over the weekend. With Easter on the horizon it’s possible we may see The Passion jump back up to the top spot. However, the remake of the 1978 horror movie drew in a bigger crowed over the weekend.Taking Lives, which opened this weekend, took the third spot. While the Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson comedy Starsky & Hutch fell to fourth. The Secret Window took a big drop this weekend falling from second to fifth. The only other newcomer to grace the top ten was the Jim Carrey starrer Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in sixth.See how the rest played out.1. Dawn Of The Dead (27.33m)2. The Passion Of The Christ (19.19m)3. Taking Lives (11.41m)4. Starsky & Hutch (10.68m)5. Secret Window (9.60m)6. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (8.57m)7. Hidalgo (8.54m)8. Agent Cody Banks 2 (6.00m)9. 50 First Dates (4.30m)10. Confessions Of Teenage Drama Queen (1.53m)

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