Gibson’s Passion Still King

See the The Passion of the Christ through the Secret Window my friends, Starsky & Hutch. Their faithful steed Hidalgo has met Agent Cody Banks in London after racing across the desert. Can anyone stop Mel Gibson’s vision of the final twelve hours of Christ from dominating the box office? The Passion of the Christ once again crushed the competition over the weekend taking in another estimated $32 million.Johnny Depp’s latest flick Secret Window opened in second, while Starsky & Hutch dropped on spot to take third.Hidalgo starring 45 year old Viggo Mortensen dropped to fourth. The sequel to Agent Cody Banks also opened this weekend. Agent Cody Banks: Destination London took the fifth spot. See how the rest plays out.1. The Passion Of The Christ (31.66m)2. Secret Window (19.00m)3. Starsky & Hutch (16.01m)4. Hidalgo (11.71m)5. Agent Cody Banks: Destination London (8.00m)6. 50 First Dates (5.30m)7. Twisted (3.08m)8. Confessions Of Teenage Drama Queen (2.40m)9. Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King (2.05m)10. Spartan (2.03m)

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