Tuesday, O’ TuesdayHow our love doth flow freely,In anticipation of your wiles…Today’s specials include the brit fave CROUPIERFUTURAMA: VOLUME 3…A garbanzo-fest of Raquel Welch classics like MOTHER, JUGS AND SPEED…The long awaited debut of Mr. Spielberg’s opus SCHINDLER’S LIST…And the even longer awaited debut of Anchor Bay’s reissue of the ultimate Zombie classic…DAWN OF THE DEAD!!!“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.” The Abbott and Costello TV Show Vol. 10 The Abbott and Costello TV Show Vol. 9 Absolut Warhola Adventures of Young Brave Alien Abduction: Intimate Secrets All About You All Star Weekend Anne Frank Remembered Aquanoids Arcade Gamer Fabuki Bandolero! Benjamin’s Farm The Berenstain Bears: Bears Team Up Best of Matchstick 4: DVD Collection Best of the Improv: Box Set The Bible According to Hollywood Blues Greats Body Count Boys Over Flowers Vol. 4: Please Believe Me! Broken Dolls / Helter Skelter Broken Silence Broken Vessels Brother Sun, Sister Moon Car of Dreams Chameleons: Live at Camden Palace / Arsenal Chobits 7: Chat Room Cia Classic Award Winning Movies 3 on 1 Classic Hitchhiker Movies 3 on 1 Croupier Cuentos De Hadas Para Dormir Cocodrilos Cyber City: Time Bomb Dance With the Devil Dangerous Liaisons (2000) Dawn of the Dead Doggy Poo Dragon Ball Fortune Teller Baba Saga Eddie Fisher: Singing at His Best Fear of the Dark Forbidden Zone Funny Ladies Collection Futurama: Volume 3 Gate Keepers: New Fighters Vol 2 Great Comedy Team Movies 3 on 1 Great Down Under Movies 3 on 1 Great Ghetto Action Movies 3 on 1 Hawkwind Hope Ranch Hotel Decadence Huntress: Spirit of the Night Iain: Knights The Incredible Mrs. Ritchie Initial D Vol. 4 Jigsaw Kawasaki Live Kimagure Orange Road Ova 1 Kimagure Orange Road TV 6 Knights of the Zodiac #2: Fight for Gold Legendary Knight Movies 3 on 1 Living the Life Love Kills Madox-01 Mario Lanza and Other Opera Greats Matchups Mel Gibson’s Passion (Primetime Interview with Diane Sawyer) The Mirror Mirror Collection Mona Lisa Smile Mother Jugs & Speed Myra Breckinridge Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection #5 Navajo Blues On Guard One Million Years B.C. Onibaba Platinum Comedy Series: Adele Givens The Praise Baby Collection Prey for Rock & Roll Private Psycho Lesson The Raquel Welch Collection Red Water The Robin Hood Gang Scenes from a Marriage Schindler’s List: Special Edition Scooby-Doo: What’s New Scooby-Doo? #2: Safari, So Goodi! The Skulls III The Slugger’s Wife Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob Goes Prehistoric Super Dimensional Fortress Macross Vol. 4 Ten Commandments: Special Edition (1956)Tenchi Muyo Gxp Starter Set Tenchi Muyo Ova Vol 2 Thugs To Serve Them All My Days Trick Daddy Trigun 2: Lost Past Vol. 1 Undefeated Unshackled Urotsukidoji: New Saga DVD Collection Urusei Yatsura: TV Series 10 Urusei Yatsura: TV Series 11 Veronica 2030 Very Annie Mary Waiting for the Messiah Wedding Peach #1: Love Wave What I Want My Words to Do to You Winnie the Pooh: Springtime With Roo You’re Under Arrest: TV 4 Zatoichi the Outlaw Zero Woman: Dangerous Game

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