The Passion Dominates the Box Office

I’m sure most people out there thought another movie was going to bump The Passion of the Christ from the top spot, but with another $50 plus million this weekend we’re all beginning to wonder just how much will this film pull in. The box office had a sensational weekend with top three movies taking in nearly $100 million in normally a slow season. The Passion of the Christ still held strong over the weekend pulling in another estimated $51 million over the weekend bringing its total to over $200 million.Starsky & Hutch performed relatively well grossing an estimated $29 million. Viggo Mortensen’s latest movie coming off of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Hidalgo, also performed relatively well. It grossed an estimated $19 million.50 First Dates took fourth in its fourth week, and Twisted took fifth. See how the rest made out.1. The Passion Of The Christ (51.39m)2. Starsky & Hutch (29.05m)3. Hidalgo (19.63m)4. 50 First Dates (7.70m)5. Twisted (5.03m)6. Confessions Of Teenage Drama Queen (4.04m)7. Lord Of The Rings: The Return of the King (3.17m)8. Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights (2.85m)9. Miracle (2.64m)10. Monster (2.25m)

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