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It’s the Tuesday after, and hopefully you all received so many discs that you’re stocked up for weeks… if not, here’s the weekly dose of what’s new and improved in DVD land.A short list, but with some notable goodies, including…ANDROMEDA: SEASON ONES.W.A.T.and the Heath Ledger Catholicious creepfest THE ORDEROh, and a little something called…BEYOND RE-ANIMATORRead on… Andromeda (Season One) Aura Battler Dunbine – Return to Byston Belly of the Beast Beyond Re-Animator Chespirito (lo Mejor Del) Vol. 1 Chespirito (lo Mejor Del) Vol. 2 Danger Man: Complete First Season Dragon Ball GT (Calculations) Dragon Ball GT (Revelations) Duel to the Death Eastern Condors Final Cut Forts And Castle Of Ghana Girls of Mischief Glam Rock Compilation Goemon 1: Legend of Mystical Ninja Heart of Dragon Hells Angels On Wheels History Channel Presents: The Alamo In The Line of Duty 4 Last Game, The Leprechaun Back 2 the Hood Lone Wolf & Cub (Baby Cart to Hades) Mullettville My Knees Were Jumping: Remembering the Kindertransport My Lucky Stars Northfork Order, The Pie In The Sky Radio Bikini Rockin’ In The USA S.W.A.T. Secret Service, The: Complete Series Sex and the City: The Complete Fifth Season So Close Spring Break Uncensored the 100% Real Movie UFC: Ultimate Knockouts 1 & 2 Vicious Virgin Report

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