Return of the King Rules ALL!

The Lord of the Rings managed to get Mona Lisa to Smile. Something’s Gotta Give? Could it be The Return of the King, who came in first, or The Last Samurai, who walked in fourth? Of course it could be because I’m Stuck On You. Without out a doubt in anyone’s mind Lord of the Rings: The Return King of the King trampled the competition reigning supreme above the box office charts. Now, imagine that the movie wasn’t three hours and twenty-one minutes long and that it had the run time of a two-hour movie. OK, so how many more viewings could the theatres have squeezed in? The only reason this movie didn’t smash box-office records, well not all of them anyway, was due to the fact that it could only be shown so many times. Such a pity.Anyhow, Mona Lisa Smile the only other newcomer to grace the top ten came in second, with Something’s Gotta Give falling to third. The Last Samurai is holding strong in fourth, while the Farrelly Brothers latest fell to fifth.1. Lord of the Rings: The Return King of the King (73.60m) [Our Review]2. Mona Lisa Smile (12.00m)3. Something’s Gotta Give (11.50m)4. The Last Samurai (7.33m)5. Stuck On You (5.40m)6. Elf (5.00m)7. Bad Santa (4.26m)8. The Haunted Mansion (4.24m)9. Love Don’t Cost A Thing (3.96m)10. Honey (2.59m)

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