Jack’s On Top

Somethings’ Gotta Give or we’ll lose The Last Samurai who’s been Stuck On You, because Love Don’t Cost A Thing in The Haunted Mansion Jack continues to roll with his #1 movie performances as Something’s Gotta Give took top spot over the weekend. The Last Samurai, starring Tom Cruise fell one spot to second. While newcomers Stuck On You, a Farrelly Brother movie, and Love Don’t Cost A Thing took third and fourth. The Haunted Mansion fell one spot to round out the top five.1. Something’s Gotta Give (17.00m)2. The Last Samurai (14.05m)3. Stuck On You (10.00m)4. Love Don’t Cost A Thing (6.54m)5. The Haunted Mansion (6.27m)6. Bad Santa (6.21m)7. Elf (6.20m)8. Honey (5.10m)9. Dr. Seuss’ The Cat In The Hat (4.20m)10. Gothika (2.73m)

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