Return of the King Review

So…was it any good? Do you even need to ask!?! Read on for Bill’s review of “Return of the King”. I thought writing a review for this movie would be easy, but that was before I saw it. The final credits rolled about an hour ago and I’m still awe-struck, numb, and speechless. The film is not only a rousing success and completely satisfying closing chapter – it’s also head and shoulders above any film released in at least the past decade. It works as both an action-adventure and a drama. The battle scenes depicted here are larger than anything ever put to film. The Helm’s Deep battle in “Two Towers” is a minor skirmish compared to the action shown here. I won’t give anything away, suffice to say that the canvas the battles are painted on are larger than anything you can imagine. But the true beauty of “Return of the King” (as well as the other films in Jackson’s trilogy) is that the action is not mere eye-candy. It’s there to heighten the emotional impact. The journey of Frodo and Sam is simply heart-wrenching, as is the story archs of Merry and Pippin.The characters all go through a transformation. Nobody is the same as they were when they left Rivendell to destroy the One Ring. Each of them (even Gollum) learn things about themselves and the world around them. Through them, we are reminded of the nobility of things like self-sacrifice, hope, honor, and friendship. We learn that purity of heart can overcome enormous obstacles. It’s a beautiful message, wrapped in an even more beautiful package.With “The Return of the King”, Jackson has made the most daring, exciting, and touching film trilogy of all time. As good as his past works (“Dead Alive, “Meet the Feebles”, “Heavenly Creatures”, etc.) were, they were only a hint at the talent this man can wield. With the trilogy now complete, Jackson can safely take a spot with Kubrick, Welles, and Hitchcock in the pantheon of filmmakers for the ages.

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